Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thai Silver Series

These Thai pendants are made by the Karen Hill Tribe in northern Thailand using traditional tribal methods passed down from generation to generation. Purchasing these Hill Tribe silver beads helps sustain a traditional craft and provides the Karen people with a reliable source of income. The silver content in Hill Tribe silver beads and pendants is typically 95-99%, even higher than sterling (92.5%). This higher silver content is softer and therefore easier to shape into all the unique and wonderful styles. On close inspection you will notice that no two pieces are exactly alike, attesting to the handmade nature of these beautiful pieces.  I love how gently each pendant is oxidized, giving it a well-loved look, and the weight is solid - you know you are holding a fine piece of silver!  These four necklaces are new to my shop this week.  Love them!

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