Monday, June 21, 2010

New stuff for June!

I've stepped out of my comfort zone and am happy to say I love the results.  What started as a few custom orders turned into many new design ideas and techniques.  Check them out below, and at my Etsy shop

The second picture is the first piece of sterling silver jewelry that I oxidized myself using the hard-boiled egg method ~ which is SO neat!  Since I have tiny tots in the house, I didn't want to use liver of sulfur to oxidize, which I understand to be quite odorous.  Instead, I followed these steps and in an hour I had a beautifully organic charcoal sheen.  Amazing.  I quickly rediscovered however that some of my s.silver findings were tarnish resistant.  I was a little disappointed when peering into the oxidization chamber (aka ziplock bag!) and realized that some parts of the necklace where still shiny.  After I took the necklace out and washed it off, I changed my mind.  I like the mixed metals look of it all.  Very interesting.

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