Saturday, March 27, 2010

Re-org: A need for my own space

When we bought this house we didn't think we'd be here long or have 3 kids!  It was a mansion for the 2 of us, now we're buried in toys and baby gear, with no place to go for quiet creative time.  Little 2yo's "tiny things" curiosity has caused some major bead catastrophes in the deep carpet as you might imagine!  I've been creating on our dining room table, having to re-pack my supplies every few days for play dates and company mealtimes.  ANNOYING.  So I'm searching for a better option, at this point I might carve out a table area in our basement with no HVAC (sigh). I aim to get hubby to build a wall shelf with slots for tools and larger supplies, and am in search for a HUGE stacked drawer system for the beads and findings.   Having this new space away from little fingers is the most important thing, but of course I want it to be comfy, smart and a place I want to be in, not cursing at!

Here's my "space" and storage right now, crazy amounts of supplies crammed into the bottom box, tools in the Stride Rite box, chain and wire in the velvet roll.  Having to pack it up is insane.   I long for drawers, a rockin' lamp, rubber work mat, etc.

I'm up for any suggestions, i.e. better bead and wire storage, picks are welcome.  What are the favorite features of your creative space?  What do you not like?  More importantly what gets your creative juices flowing while you're there?

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